Anybody who is looking for things to do with kids in Philadelphia needs to stop by the Please Touch Museum. Its highly interactive exhibits speak to a child’s desire to engage rather than observe, and here are five of them that you just need to check out.

City Capers

Taking the LEGO appeal a step further, this exhibit lets kids run loose in a toy city where they can practice their architecture, city planning, shopkeeping and even medical skills. They shop at the supermarket, drive tractors, and more at this fun exhibit.


Most of us who read or watched Alice in Wonderland as a child wished we could join the main character on her fantastical adventure. At the Please Touch Museum, your children can do just that in replicas of the Fairytale Garden and Hall of Doors and Mirrors among other Lewis Carroll inspired hangouts.

Liberty Arm and Torch

In the museum’s Hamilton Hall, covered by a bright opulent dome, children are invited to visit a life-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty’s Arm and Torch. The kicker is, this 40-foot sculpture is made entirely by toys, making it an enticing way to teach kids about the history of Lady Liberty her brief stint in Philadelphia.

Please Touch Garden

At the garden, families can take to the outdoors and plant seeds, observe garden bugs and learn about gardening in general. Located right next door, the Please Taste Cafê sources the gardens herbs and vegetables for many of its own dishes, which the youngsters get a major kick out of.

Flight Fantasy

This is a playland in the make-believe sky. Various flying machines give the kids the sensation of taking off into the sky or space on their own power by cranking cranks and pushing buttons. They can hover and glide on the Flight Fantasy attraction, or explore the universe with the interactive blue screen in the Space Station.

image via flickr