The Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park isn’t your average baseball stadium. Since the state-of-the-art ballpark opened for the 2004 season and replaced the aging Veterans Stadium, Phillies attendance has skyrocketed from 23rd in the league to consistently placing in the top five teams in the MLB.  Any fan will tell you — catching a ball game at Citizens Bank Park is an essential part of any summer stay in Philadelphia. From the antics of the Philly Phanatic to the amazing food and drinks, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Thinking about root, root, rooting for the home team? Grab some peanuts and crackerjacks and check out our list of the top 5 Reasons We Love Citizens Bank Park:


  1. The Food – Highlighted in our post, the “Best Places to Eat at Citizens Bank Park,” the ballpark has an enormous selection of concessions, from Philly favorites like cheesesteaks and hoagies to ballpark classics like hot dogs and cracker jacks. Don’t miss Dollar Dog Night, when Hatfield hot dogs are only $1, or the legendary Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries, served every game in section 102. Vegans and vegetarians shouldn’t feel left out, the stadium has been ranked as America’s most vegetarian-friendly ballpark by PETA on five separate occasions since its opening season.
  2. The Fans – Well known for their passion and intensity, Phillies fans stick with their team through the good times and bad. Sit near the exposed visiting team’s bullpen – positioned very close to the stands – for some authentic color commentary from Phillies die-hards. The tailgating at the South Philadelphia Sports Complex is second to none, and striking up a conversation with just about anyone in the stands can lead to passionate stories of legendary players, classic Phillies memories, or their personal – and likely very entertaining – reasons to love Citizens Bank Park.
  3. The Phanatic – No one really knows what he’s supposed to be, but this giant, green, furry monster is a fan favorite. Known for jumping on the dugout and dancing with fans or pranking opposing mascots and players, the Phanatic has been a staple at Phillies games since 1977. One of only three mascots on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and ranked as the best mascot in sports by Forbes Magazine, the Phanatic  can be seen driving an ATV around Citizens Bank Park on gameday, shooting hot dogs and t shirts into the stands for lucky fans.
  4. The Environmental Footprint – The Phillies are the third largest user of electricity in the Philadelphia area, and to offset their utility power usage the stadium purchases 20 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of 100% renewable, green wind and solar energy a year. The Phillies were the first MLB team to join the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership Program, which encourages organizations to purchase green power and minimize their environmental impact. Along with their green energy use, most of the material used on game day in the stadium is recycled – even the frying oil from the concession stands is recycled into bio-diesel fuel. For the environmentally conscious, this is definitely a reason to love Citizens Bank Park.
  5. The Accessibility – We love Citizens Bank Park because it is so easy to get to. The stadium is an easy subway ride south on the Broad Street Line from Center City, and SEPTA’s AT&T Station drops fans right in the center of the Sports Complex parking lot. If you’re driving to the station, the stadium is located right off of I-95, with ample parking and space for those who want to tailgate. If you’re not into tailgating, before the game check out the bars and restaurants at Xfinity Live!, the dining and entertainment complex located across the street from Citizens Bank in the Sports Complex.