Philadelphia has plenty of storied restaurants dishing out family-style Italian food and world-famous cheesesteaks. While the variety is plentiful, some prefer to do some of their dining on the cutting edge. For those individuals, here are five of the best new restaurants in Philadelphia.

Bing Bing Dim Sum
Opened February, 2015

Coming off its first full summer, Bing Bing Dim Sum continues to attract users with dumplings with fillings that stray from traditional Chinese recipes. From lox with cream cheese to cumin lamb with chimichurri to red beet and tofu, there are many tasty bites to try here.

Same Same
Opened May 2015

Same Same is an easy place to grab lunch with an affordable menu and top-notch Vietnamese street food. The go-to move here is a Bahn Mi sandwich with pork, and all the classic sliced veggies. Enjoy this or a pho spiced pork confit in their quaint backyard zen garden.

Dan Dan Restaurant
Opened July, 2015

A new Sichuan and Taiwanese restaurant, Dan Dan has been the center of quite a few conversations this summer. Lots of garlic, grease and noodles keep its upscale offerings on par with American delivery favorites. Thin and crispy scallion pancakes and shrimp in a green peppercorn hot sauce are must-tries.

Bud & Marilyn’s
Opened August, 2015

Stepping right into the kitchen of a 1950s sitcom family, Bud & Marilyn’s is a new restaurant on Locust Street with refined reimaginings of classic recipes. Their short rib stroganoff takes a reputably cheap meal and reconstructs it with wild mushrooms, hand cut egg noodles and horseradish créme fraiche.

Andy’s Chicken
Opened August, 2015

Renowned restaurateur Andy Choi opened this simple and rich Korean fried chicken joint in Fishtown at the tail end of the summer. Their crispy and spice-filled offerings range from sweet chilli to honey garlic to golden soy. Alternative dishes include kimchi & pork fried rice and bulgogi, a Korean style barbecue beef.