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Night Market Philadelphia is a popular festival for all the right reasons—authentic eats, live music, beer, and alfresco entertainment. Philly’s favorite restaurants and food trucks will roll into various neighborhoods in the coming months to showcase the exceptional dining scene in the city.



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Night Market Philadelphia occurs on select nights in various neighborhoods from the spring to fall. Food trucks line closed blocks, and restaurants extend their seating onto sidewalks as crowds roll in for an evening outside. Live bands perform, local craft beers are available, and the streets buzz with the warm comforts of good meals and good times.

May 12 – The kickoff night will be in Roxborough.
June 23 – Callowhill, just north of Center City, will light up for top-notch eats and entertainment.
September 1 – West Philly, home to University City, will host the festival.
October – A yet-to-be-revealed date and location will close out the Night Market season.


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More than 50 food trucks and neighborhood restaurants crowd the streets and sidewalks of Philly’s neighborhoods for Night Market. Creative options like Korean fusion draw foodies and food appreciators, while comforting tried-and-true classics like cheesesteaks and lobster rolls please everyone. Here are some of our favorites:

@Delicias – Sometimes the best Latin food is street food, and Delicias sticks to this philosophy with simple and flavor-packed arepas, a sandwich popular in Colombia and Venezuela. Chorizo, beef, and pork are some of the bases that can be combined with a variety of fillings—like cotija cheese, black beans, guacamole, plantains, or rice—  between two soft and warm corn meal patties.

Mac Mart Cart – This is the real deal, and we’ve said so before. Ooey-gooey cheesy macaroni is tossed together with anything you can image—steak, brisket, mushroom and herb chicken, spinach and artichokes, buffalo chicken bites, jalapeños and bacon and cornbread. Everything comes together with the famous parmesan panko crunch topping, an extra layer of texture and savory umami goodness.

Vernalicious – The pulled pork grilled cheese from Verna Swerdlow’s food truck, with its tender pork, tangy BBQ sauce, and perfectly melted cheese, vies for a spot on Philly’s list of best sandwiches. The pulled pork taco is also a good option; cheddar cheese, pickled jalapeños, cilantro, BBQ sauce interestingly marry well. Lightly charred flour tortillas add a layer of smokiness to the limey guac.

Other favorites will be at the festival, as well as newcomers like Bombay Local Pizza, My Four Suns Korean Fusion, and Viva Empanadas. Come hungry and be prepared to make some difficult decisions with so many food-tastic options.



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Alfresco dining is one of the best parts of spring and summertime, and Night Market is a unique way to dine outside and explore some of Philly’s best food. Many great restaurants in town offer outdoor seating, but none quite like this. Visitors can pop hot fried cheese curds into their mouths while they stroll the city streets where the disparate smells of Japanese noodles, slow-cooked rosemary pork, and sweet sugar waffles. Local craft beers and rich ice cream fend off the heat of the warming months, and the great urban outdoors comes to life for a night of food, entertainment, and relaxation.

Since it’s a well-known favorite, Night Market Philadelphia draws large crowds. Get there early to avoid some of the lines, but be prepared for a lot of people to descend on the select neighborhoods once the night gets rolling.