Group of girls cheering with wine.

Philadelphia Wine Week is fast approaching, and for any travelers who will be in the city at the end of March, it’s well worth your time. From a bevy of tastings to educational and culturally enriching events, there’s a lot to take in. Here’s what to look forward to during this year’s Philadelphia Wine Week.

What Is Philadelphia Wine Week?

Philly Wine Week is just over a week of events that are mainly constructed to expose guests to the most acclaimed, diverse, and delicious wines from around the city and world. Hosted in various bars and restaurants around town, the sprawling celebration is also stock-full of great deals and experiences in Philly’s most sought-after establishments. Check out who is participating, and head there to find special wines on hand, as well as fun tastings involving them.

The Venues

The list of venues that will host events and tastings to celebrate Philadelphia Wine Week is a long one. Classic restaurants like Bud & Marilyn’s will have special varietals, and deals on hand, as well as high-brow establishments such as High Street On Market, and Osteria. Little Nonna’s, located on the ground floor of The Independent Hotel, will also participate.


With all of the venues and participants involved with Philly, the range of events that accompany Philly Wine Week is broad. Some examples of fun events that you might find at a participating restaurant or bar include: regional wine and cheese flight tastings, mystery blind wine tastings, presentations by prestigious winemakers from around the world, and special tasting menu nights.

Other Important Details

Philadelphia Wine Week will take place from March 22nd-29th, and you can find a full list of participants on its website. There, you can also find information about Opening Corks, the opening night party featuring food, art, and complimentary wine samples.