People at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

A mecca of food in all its forms, from dining to grocery shopping, Reading Terminal Market is a foodie’s paradise and a practical stop for unique eats. Eclectic goods from a variety of merchants can also be found, but food certainly steals the show at this Philly must-visit. Come check out the nation’s oldest continuously operating farmers’ market (open since 1892). These are a few of our favorite vendors:


As we highlighted, Beiler’s is one of the best places in Philly to enjoy a homemade donut. Dozens of hand-rolled Pennsylvania Dutch donuts are on display, with some options rotating seasonally. Our top favorites are the maple bacon, mocha cream, and the blueberry fritter. Be prepared—the line is always long, but always worth it.


Roast pork is king at Dinic’s, and Dinic’s is the king of roast pork sandwiches. Its most famous sandwich includes roasted-for-five-hours pork that’s been rubbed in Italian herbs and spices, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone. It’s so good that is was named the Travel Channel’s “Best Sandwich in America” in 2012.


Artisan cheese is the centerpiece of Valley Shepherd Creamery. Handmade cave-aged cheeses and dairy products, as well as butters, an olive bar, and local charcuterie, are all available at this shop. In addition, visitors can enjoy gooey grilled cheese sandwiches courtesy of Meltkraft. Seasonal options rotate, but some delicious options include the Melter Skelter, with pickled green tomatoes and jalapeno, and the Valley Thunder with a decadent combination cheddar, beef brisket, and baked macaroni and cheese.


Since 1980, Mueller Chocolate Co. has been churning out chocolate delicacies in small batches and selling them locally. Guests can even see workers spinning chocolate at this go-to for candy and chocolate sweets. Everything from chocolate covered pretzels, turtles, caramel apples, and a full line of anatomically correct chocolate body parts are just some of the highlights.

Be sure to check out the houseware, books, crafts, and gifts stalls around the market, as well as merchants for German delicacies, deli goods, and Pennsylvania Dutch products.