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On November 28th at 10 am, never-before-seen views of Philadelphia became available to the public. No, they’re not exclusive photographs, but people surely took a lot of pictures.

So what’s all the fuss? A new, world-class observation deck opened at One Liberty Place in the heart of Philadelphia.

What’s One Liberty Place?

Located at Market and 17th streets in Center City, One Liberty Place is one of the tallest buildings in Philly and the country. A few blocks away, the Comcast Center bests it by only 29 feet. Part of the Liberty Place skyscraper complex, it includes luxury condos and a shopping area. The 61-story tower is finished with steel and blue glass that mirrors the horizon and the city, and the angular gables of the spire make it one of the most recognizable structures of the skyline.

A New View: See What the Birds See

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image via @ameerso93

The building is graceful and iconic, but we are most excited for the spectacular panoramic views of the city that it will offer. The first of its kind in the City of Brotherly Love, the Observation Deck offers a 360° vantage point from the 57th floor—that means it’s 883 feet above street level. Montparnasse 56, a Parisian-based company that operates similar spots at the John Hancock Tower in Chicago and the Montparnasse 56 Tower in Paris, is building the new urban attraction and dubbing it as a chance to see “Philly From the Top.” Visitors will score spectacular photo-ops that are totally Insta-worthy. On the outside, metallic blues and grays float across the facade. But inside, the colors of Philadelphia and miles beyond will come alive and be on display for all to see.

Glimpse the City, Hear Its Story

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While the sights will be magnificent in scope, the observation area will also include interactive experiences and installations that highlight Philadelphia’s history and evolution into a major city. Listening stations will provide the Philly-focused tidbits, as well as six multi-lingual touch screens in different languages where users can zoom in on a single spot hundreds of feet away. Art installations, such as a Benjamin Franklin sculpture, will also create an atmosphere dedicated to the city and its culture.

header image via @VisitPhilly