Fourteen local and international artists have come together to create a unique artistic experience on the streets of Philadelphia. Open Source, hosted by the Mural Arts Program, is a celebration of creativity and innovation across the city throughout the month of October. It features original public art, events, tours, and conversations about art, public space and change.

Philadelphia is no stranger to fantastic displays of public art. The city has a rich history decorated by sprawling murals and towering displays of artistic expression. In 1984, Jane Golden founded the Mural Arts Program and encouraged graffiti artists to express themselves with murals rather than “tagging” names on city walls.

image via flickr

Today, Golden remains the Director of the Murals Arts Program and Philadelphia continues to grow as a culturally innovative urban canvas. The Open Source program includes an exhibition of 14 new public artworks on display throughout the city. Some of the artwork includes: a 50 x 50 foot maze of chain link fence—a reflection on the difficulty of navigating the criminal justice system—black-and-white photographic murals, colorful painted murals, outdoor sculptures to be used as a playground and community space in a neighborhood without one; and a waste transfer station where recyclables are transformed into artwork.

image via flickr

Open Source also leads engaging conversations about the art and its implications. Lectures, film screenings, workshops, and Q&A sessions with artists create a space to interact with the pieces, their messages, and the city itself. Among the many unique programs, you can hit the streets with some of the featured artists to create your own art, learn about the intersection of art and technology, or enjoy a street festival celebrating a DJ-focused mural. You can find all the details about the variety of events at the Open Source website.

Don’t miss the chance to see the impressive public art, but also don’t miss an opportunity to grow and experience art in innovative ways. Throughout October, you can experience Open Source events at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, FringeArts, and other locations.

cover image via flickr