If you’re looking for a cool treat during the waning warm weather, we’ve got some of the best spots for ice cream, gelato, and sorbet in Philadelphia. For all your frozen sweet needs, check out our favorites:


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Image via instalormo

Stepping into The Franklin Fountain is like taking a trip back in time. The vintage, bygone decor evokes nostalgia at every turn. Guests step up to a marble countertop, and peruse a list of flavors on a wooden board, and after placing their order can watch their money fall into an old-fashion cash register. Selections include old favorites like a phosphate, ice cream soda, single scoops, and traditional sundaes. Our favorite items are the Franklin Mint (mint chip and vanilla ice creams with marshmallow, fudge, and creme de menthe) and the honeycomb ice cream with local berries.

116 Market Street
(215) 627-1899



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Despite not having their own shop, Jennifer Satinsky and Andy Satinsky sell their sweet ice cream treats throughout the city (check here for locations). Weckerly’s ice cream is made from locally-sourced dairy, and year-round flavors are complemented by weekly-changing ones. Whether it’s chocolate malt cherry, blueberry, rhubarb, or roasted strawberry flavored, the ice cream is served sandwich-style with soft homemade, graham crackers. Be sure to check around town for these delicious little bites.

Sold at various locations
(215) 882-9958



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One of Philly’s first hand-rolled ice cream shops, Sweet Charlie’s hops on the trend that started in Thailand. Flavored ice cream is spread on a cold flat top and scraped into rolls once it has stiffened. Then, the rolls are served standing in a cup with additional toppings like chocolate chips, pound cake, coffee grounds, cookie crumbles, coconut shavings, and fruit. Sweet Charlie’s best item, though, is the Tall Charlie—a six inch roll of ice cream in a warm, split glazed donut with whipped cream and any topping.

711 Walnut Street
(267) 761-9063



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Unique flavors clearly are rewarded on this list, and Lil’ Pop Shop fits the bill. Seasonal, artisan popsicles are made with fresh and local ingredients, and come in delectable flavors like raspberry lime, Vietnamese coffee, and green tea with mochi. Other highlights include a dark chocolate cream base with chunks of salted caramel brownies, or a non-dairy rosemary peach pop.

265 S. 44th Street
(215) 222-5829



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Capogiro is known for its gelato and sorbetto made with milk from grass-fed, hormone-free Pennsylvania cows and its use of local fruit. The sweets are so good that National Geographic took notice and named it one of the best places in the world to eat ice cream. While traditional flavors like nocciola, pistachio, and stracciatella are available, the artisan gelato and sorbetto concoctions are also spun into delightfully inventive varieties. Some notable options include avocado, Thai coconut milk, mascarpone and fig, prickly pear, and honey cumin.

199 S. 13th Street
(215) 351-0900